Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Sound of Silence

I hope that you are physically sick by the end of this. I will keep words to a minimum.

The attack on Gaza was done with ammunition bought by the U.S. tax payers, and in many cases made in America.

The Palestinian tools of death.
The Israeli tool.

White phosphorous shells. The indiscriminate attack on civilians is a war crime. As such white phosphorous shells can only can only be used to light up the sky.
This is the illegal use of the shells over Gaza. Each streak you see will likely start a fire.
The next pictures are of a U.N. school.

Other pictures. One Haiti rescue worker described Haiti as looking like Gaza.

Lowering a child into a grave.

What do I have to do to get you to speak of the unspeakable? What does it take to end the deafening silence? Please act, and if you think this post will get others to act, please send them here.


  1. I couldn't comment the first time I viewed these. I was wordless with horror. But how can I and others act even if they are as moved by this as I am? This is a real question I am asking, not a rhetorical one.

  2. This one tears at my heart. In January I heard the rescue worker say that Haiti looked like Palestine, and it took me 3 months before I could even look.

    My answer to your question is weak. I write this blog sitting in comfort, and knowing that what I am doing is trying to put out forest fires with a thimble. We need anyone with a thimble to help.

    - Every letter or email sent to our leaders is another thimble of water.

    - There is an upcoming election. Where do the candidates stand on this? Ask. Below is the email I sent to our two Democratic candidates for a senate seat.

    - The Israeli lobby is strong. Contribute money to candidates that are not accepting PAC money, both in your district and elsewhere. I need to do this myself.

    - Blog, facebook, and talk about what is happening, and ask them to do something. Tell the truth, and ask them to do anything.

    These suggestions are insufficient; another thimble of water. But they are ones that every one of us can do. I would love suggestions from others (all thimbles, garden hoses, or even just some spit is welcome and needed).

    Here is the email I sent.

    I am sending identical questions to both the Romanoff and the Bennett campaigns.

    1. There is strong evidence that the highest levels of the Bush administration committed war crimes, including public statements made by Dick Cheney. Do you support an investigation of the previous administration, and if you do not, how do you propose preventing this lack of action being a precedence for future administrations?

    2. Since the founding of Israel over one trillion U.S. tax dollars have been spent in support of that nation. Some of those dollars were used in the 2008 attack on Gaza. This was part of a continuing effort on the part of Israel to oppress a people, and one where I challenge anyone to look at the pictures of the destruction, use of white phosphorous to start fires, massive civilian deaths, and not conclude that these were clear violations of human rights and international law. With that in mind, do you support ending all financial aid to Israel, and demanding that the pre-1967 borders be restored? If not, why?

    In regards to my first question, I suggest an investigation of the administrations of all living presidents. This would make the investigation non-partisan. I am not suggesting the prosecution of all administrations, but rather clearing the air, and permitting the prosecution of the worst offenders.

    Stanford Smith