Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Muslim cultural center and South Pacific

Yesterday a coworker was talking about the Muslim cultural center near ground zero. He was accusing Obama of supporting the center, and suggesting that we should just bomb all those countries. Though I was not in the discussion I spoke up. I defended Obama for his support of our constitution. I defended the center. I defended the right of Manhattan to self govern. I defended freedom of religion.

Last night Dianne and I ended up watching most of South Pacific. There were several parts that brought me to tears, none more so than this.

South Pacific

South Pacific was written in 1949.

61 years later:

The mortgage companies bypassed the red-lining laws to re-impoverish blacks and other minorities.

Muslims are all considered potential terrorists (whatever that is) because a few Muslims committed mass murder, including the murder of innocent Muslims.

The government has sanctioned the killing of Mexicans; forcing them to cross the border where the risks are the highest, and preventing people from providing the basic aid to keep them alive.

We are denying people the right to marriage based only upon the gender of who they love.

61 years later. I cry for the victims. I cry for those who hate. I cry for a nation founded under the self evident truth "that all men (and women) are created equal".

61 years. The tears were for the characters, but the tears were also for the nation.