Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I have this blog

As I was writing this I learned of my father's fall and hospitalization. I completely rewrote it because of that event.

I have been political since I was in Junior High School. I campaigned for Johnson without even telling my parents. I protested the Vietnam war, often volunteering to be a monitor. When the Berkeley Police and the National Guard started attacking demonstrations, I volunteered to staff first aid stations.

This all stopped because of drug use. I stayed somewhat political until I stopped drugs, and put my energy into getting my life back together. I got married, raised a family, got a divorce, and got married again. I ended up with a loving wife and 5 kids in my blended family.

In the back of my head I knew I was not doing enough for society. Then 9/11 happened. It was not the attack that woke me up, but our response. As I saw our liberties taken away, and innocent people dying, I knew I had to do more. One thing I started to do was to write about politics and post it on a blog. It was my wife's and my blog, and what I was writing reflected my ideas and beliefs. I understood that what I wrote on that blog could affect her. One time I asked her if she was OK with what I was thinking of posting. She said no. That planted the seed that has led to this blog.

I want to restate: This blog is my blog. It does not reflect the opinions of any one else, including my wife.

Once I decided I would create this blog I wanted certain people to know about it, including my parents. I know they were proud of me when I campaigned for Johnson. I know they were proud of me when I protested. They were both in my mind when I made the decision to create this blog. I don't think he will ever get to know about this blog.

My signature is sds. S.D.S. are my initials. S.D.S. are also the initials of Students for a Democratic Society, an organization that did a lot of good at the end of the 1960s.

I will end with an important issue that time will not allow to wait. It is likely that an innocent man is close to being executed. Seven of the nine prosecution witnesses in the case against Troy Davis have recanted their testimony. The Supreme Court has refused to intervene. Former President Carter, former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr and Pope Benedict XVI are just 3 of the people calling for the parole board to reduce the sentence to life in prison. Yet his time is running out. Please do what you can to save this man's life.

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  1. October 7 2009
    I just read this for the first time. When you pposted it I was in a state of shock. Yes, we were both proud of your sense of responsibility when you campaigned for Johnson and protested the Viet Nam war, etc. I am proud of you now for having this blog.

    Love, Mom